The Fuenlabrada Coexistence Committee was created in 2015 as a result of a citizens’ initiative by the organisations that form part of the  municipality’s associations network, which was devised to respond to issues concerning the social inclusion of all of Fuenlabrada’s citizens.

It is based on the creation of a round table of experiences to promote discussion of issues relating to tolerance and intercultural and intergenerational coexistence, while working on actions to prevent racism and negative stereotypes and raising awareness of the need to protect Human Rights.

Currently, the Coexistence Board is made up of thirty-one organisations in Fuenlabrada, including socio-cultural, neighbourhood, immigrant, religious and sexual diversity organisations. With this initiative we are seeking to represent, in the best way possible, the multiculturalism that nurtures our municipality.

Fuenlabrada Coexistence Board is part of the Fuenlabrada Solidarity Network, an initiative that came into being in the midst of the COVID 19 Crisis for the purpose of implementing solidarity-based actions in the city of Fuenlabrada.

The Fuenlabrada Solidarity Network is comprised of the city’s social fabric together with Fuenlabrada City Council, and includes neighbourhood, sports, cultural, immigrant and youth organisations, as well as business and neighbours’ associations.


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